Honest Abe’s was started with a simple mission: make the process of bike repair simple, affordable, and quick.

Abe’s operates out of a mobile shop to better serve our customers. If this means having Abe’s chariot come to your home or place of business, we’d love to! Should you decide you’d rather have your bike picked up and delivered, we’ll do that too. 

We’re in the business of fixing and riding bikes, and if there’s anything we can do please let us know!

Give us a call at 970-658-9971 or email info@abesbikes.com.

How does Abe's work?

Honest Abe’s is an on-demand bike shop.  This means that we can come to you to fix your bike! We believe this has many advantages, with the first being that we don’t have a storefront to maintain, and no building expenses or rent, meaning that we can pass these lower costs along to our customers! The next advantage is that if you don’t have a means to transport your bike, we’ll show up to a place of your choosing to get the repairs done or parts delivered! Finally, our mobile nature gives the ability to be flexible in when and where can work.  We have operating hours far surpassing those of any other local bike shop meaning that we have the fastest probable turnaround time in order to minimize your bike’s downtime!

How do I have my bike(s) worked on?

Step 1: Visit the “Book Service” page and select the service you’re interested in.  If you’re unsure, choose whether you’d like us to pick up your bike or if you’d prefer we bring the shop to you!

Step 2: Fill out the booking form, and if you can, leave a brief description in the notes box of what you suspect is going on.  This way we can prepare for your repair, so that we can return your bike to you as soon as possible. 

Step 3: Check for an email confirmation! 

Step 4: Depending on if you selected pick up or on-site repairs, you’ll either make contact with an Abe’s mechanic to collect your bike, or you’ll see our on-demand shop pull up! 

Step 5: This is when your bike gets serviced! If everything is smooth and seamless, and results in you riding your bike again, we’ve done our job!

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